Arlington Lawncare, Inc.


The following is a list of the equipment we utilize.

Equipment List
  • Commercial quality walk behind mowers ranging in size from 21" up to 72"
  • Commercial quality riding mowers ranging in size from 48" up to 72"
  • Gas powered string trimmers, back pack bowers and hedge trimmers
  • Every crew carries powered edgers everyday for touch-up of walkways and drives
  • 23 Lot Sweeping trucks throughout our national affiliates
  • 125 Plow trucks of Various sizes
  • 17 Backhoes with snow pusher boxes
  • 9 Loaders ranging from 2 yd to 5 yd buckets
  • 27 Skidsteers with snow pusher boxes
  • 47 Dump trucks ranging in size from 1 ton with plows to Tri-Axles for removal

All Arlington Lawncare personnel are required to complete a 14 hour training program prior to November 1st. This training includes Videos produced by S.I.M.A. in proper plowing, sidewalk clearing, loader, skidsteer, and salting techniques. We also complete dry run exercises to ensure personnel know where they are to report and what to do upon completion of the route.

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