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Lot Sweeping

Lot Sweeping Truck

Arlington Lawncare is your one stop contractor for so many of your landscaping needs - our newest service, lot sweeping is yet another service that will help make your business stand out.

As a guest or customer approaches your company or business, they begin to form a first impression. A professionally maintained lot reflects your attention to detail and the pride you take in your property. If you keep the inside of your building clean, shouldn't the exterior be just as presentable?

Lot Sweeping Challenge

  • Look at your sidewalks
  • Look behind your vending machines
  • Look by the shopping carts
  • Look in your dumpster area
  • Look at your loading docks
  • Look at where the curb meets the asphalt
  • Look over your lawn and landscaping

Are these areas clean? If they are, your existing contractor is doing their job. If these ares are not clean, then let Arlington pick-up where they left off.

Lot Sweeping Services

  • Power blowing all sidewalks, including the areas behind vending machines
  • Cleanup around dumpster areas
  • Cleanup of loading docks
  • Hand cleaning of lawn and flower bed areas
  • Power blowing of curb lines and corners to remove cigarette butts and debris
  • Power sweeping of all paved surfaces
  • Portering Services

Contact us about caring for your small or large lot today.

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