Arlington Lawncare, Inc.

Pot Hole Repair

Skin patches

The area to be patched is prepped and tacked with liquid asphalt derivative, this works as an adhesive to ensure correct bonding of the asphalt. Next, new asphalt is applied and compacted, and then finished to be smooth and level with a roller. Skin patches are not as durable as cut-outs, but do offer an inexpensive and temporary way to fix asphalt damage.

Cut outs

The second and most durable method is the cut and patch. The damaged area is saw cut, extending beyond the damaged area into good asphalt, and then removed. The existing base material is leveled and prepped with tack oil to ensure proper bonding. Hot asphalt is then applied and compacted to ensure a smooth surface.

Preventative maintenance

It makes good sense to treat pavement problems while they are still small, avoiding costly resurfacing and repair to your pavement's substructure.

Timely preventative maintenance is so much more economical that it could save you four to five times more than if you allow your pavement to deteriorate to a poor condition. Not to mention a decrease in the likelihood of dangerous trips and falls.

Call the office to have our staff come out and evaluate your needs today. We also offer the following:

  • Speed bump installation
  • Sign installation
  • And More

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